Overthinking, For Lack of a Better Word

I have the tendency to become caught up in the intricacies of things, titles, for instance. Commas are another. I get caught up in a buffet of thoughts and how to decide which thoughts should darken a page. I get caught up in things like pages, and how this glowy white backdrop is actually not a page. I get caught up in the names of things, how inaccurate words can be. How a name can summon more than identification. How a name, or more accurately, a label, can conjure expectations as well as visual references.

Clearly, I do not find it overwhelming to filter through all of these thoughts, and both their implications and their representations in a judgmental culture. Perhaps all cultures are plagued with a bit of judgment.

Perhaps the title should be…I almost had it. Then I thought that maybe you wouldn’t find the title attractive. Then I thought, perhaps I’m too tired from adulting to wield creativity as I did in my college-aged youth.

Overthinking…it’s a bit generic, maybe, but it fits. Although, I do find the term a bit oxymoronic. How does one measure the appropriate amount of inner-dialogue, self-reflection, or simple ponderings that run free in our minds? Overthinking…there has to be a more accurate word, but the thought hasn’t come to me yet. There are so many other thoughts crowding the way.