“It is, as of yet, unformed. Nevertheless, the droplets are pooling together in the hallow places living has eroded into my soul; a soul that questions the limits of its humanity.”


Infrequently Asked Questions

Who is Rahk?

Simply put, Rahk is the first syllable in my name, Rakeem. The spelling suggests the preferred pronunciation. Rahk is a name that other men gave me out of some form of partnership as either mentor and mentee, father and son, or brothers/close friends.

In my 29th year, I took ownership of this name given by young and old men I respected, for it is not a name I initially identified with, though I always answered to it when invoked. In 2018, I decided to invoke it myself, first, as a character in a collection of poems that tell the story of a child and his mother, then, as an obscure vision of a hopeful literary masterpiece entitled “Rahk’s Water”.

What is Rahk’s Water?

“Rahk’s Water” is, at this very moment, a gallery of original work, finished and unfinished, that explores the intricate notions of masculinity and femininity through dialogue. Consisting primarily of poetry, “Rahk’s Water” is less about the possession of the vital element and more about honoring the necessity of it.