“It is, as of yet, unformed. Nevertheless, the droplets are pooling together in the empty places manhood has eroded into my soul. A soul that does not relish the limits of its masculinity. A soul that curses its dam and strategically searches for cracks. A soul that bursts free as if hell hounds are on its track.”


“Rahk’s Water” explores the intricate notions of masculinity and femininity from the perspective of unapologetic observations. This eccentric collection of writings challenges, addresses, and refutes the restrictions society places on us because of our gender, our skin color, our nationality, our sexual orientation, our weight.

Water exists in many forms, it moves in different states, but it’s chemical components do not change. Water is the elixir of life, yet too much of it can destroy. From gazing across the ocean to dodging puddles to the sweat that cascades down our bodies after a workout, water moves us and without it, we cannot live.