Author’s Note

“It is, as of yet, unformed. Nevertheless, the droplets are pooling together in the empty places manhood has eroded into my soul. A soul that does not relish the limits of its masculinity. A soul that curses its dam and strategically searches for cracks. A soul that bursts free as if hell hounds are on its track.”


“Rahk’s Water” explores the cure for toxic masculinity: unapologetic honesty. Each scene, poem, or story reveals the vulnerability of masculinity from one thoughtful perspective or another. And more importantly, it explores the kinship that exists between man and woman; a kinship that transcends preconceived notions.

Each story, each poem, each fictional conversation shared with you on this site is a tear. Whether of joy or sadness, peace or dissention depends on the fullness you bring. Our fullness, like bodies of water, swells and subsides. Our fullness lessens in relentless sun or wind, and overflows in relentless rain.

I present to you, and to those you love, the tentative components of a hopeful masterpiece. Just click the menu icon and choose your category to see what “Water” has for you.

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