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It is my hope that at least one poem, story, or journal entry shared here comforts, entertains, provokes, reminds, challenges, inspires, motivates, and affirms you or those you love.

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  • In The Water, He knew Them (an ancestral memory)
    The waters were calm when the face peered from the deep. The sun generous on brown skin. But this was no reflection. A gasp escaped. He never knew sea nymphs had noses, round and wide. He never thought to dream one would show up with blue locs and a full mouth. Gap between proud teeth, […]
  • Strange Fruit (You Will Know Them)
    1. You say you love me (For the Bible tells you so) You say you love me (For you are a child of God) You insist you love me But your love hits like hurled stones But your love stabs sole of foot It’s hard to walk It hurts to walk When your love vehemently […]
  • Flag
    I voted for fear of who this nation isand has been The kumbaya of all lives does not equal freedomdoes not equal justicedoes not defund the systemfunctioning as a de factor spinefor the privileged I voted out of necessity because this countryhas never lived up to its foundation still handling colored cloth with more carethan […]

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