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  • You Tried It (Excerpt from “Hard Conversations: Love Poems”)
    You are less empty than you pretend You are no cup air drying on the counterYou are no tablet, factory reset successfulYou are not the first page in the sketchbook of an undiscovered artist You are far less empty than you pretend You are:A crescent moon peaking from your whole self,The beginning of a hidden […]
  • The Text Read: “I need u to write me a poem…”
    When the text came in, I was overjoyed. As an avid advocator of self-expression, I insisted that she was perfectly capable of writing it herself–she, of course, begged to differ but sent her thoughts anyway. She would not let me convince her that her thoughts, as they stood, qualified as a poem. She laughed me […]
  • Badu’s Son
    A Badu song Mothered my manhood Told me Boys can cry like yeyo Told me Boys, too, miss planes when dragging too many bags Told me God’s image is mine to claim as I am Told me Buildings crumble so why should one bear my name Told me my name is a Black mother’s prayer […]

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