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It is my hope that at least one poem, story, or journal entry shared here comforts, entertains, provokes, reminds, challenges, inspires, motivates, and affirms you or those you love.

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  • African/American Eagle (Draft 1)
    My wings would be a mosaicmade of black mothers’ pride They’d be boomboxes for justiceAmplifying the riot in our soulsThey’d be instrumentsOf destructionBurning monuments to make room for equal testamentsThey’d evolve into the freedom to live unaccosted and to die avenged They’d be bullet proofand resistant to hateThey’d span from the Middle Passage to MiamiThey’d […]
  • Rahk’s Water Update 2/21/21
    First, I must thank everyone who has taken a moment out of your day to read a poem. Poems need people to breathe and the poems on Rahk’s Water are grateful for lending your voice to these silent words. Whether you read them silently or aloud, your voice and mine merge in these moments and […]
  • The Resort (A Pandemic Poem)
    I just want to go for a swiiiimmmmAfter a bath in the sunMango Wheat Orange MoonWide palms praising the OneWho knows the count of the sand& cowrote my Mama’s Gun Booming Bluetooth speakerConversating on . . . & onAs the sweat drop-glistensOrange Moon drops    goneSeashells beneath brown feetSeagulls eyeing my phone Wooooosh, a flirty breezeGuides […]

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